SEER is about Software Engineering knowledge. The organization was created at the end of 2015 towards researching and developing new technologies, techniques, methodologies and process and provide training to individuals and corporations on several software engineering topics.

Our goal is to turn the state-of-art of Software Engineering into state-of-practice.



SEER is very new. Our current site is temporary (a new one is being developed) and we intend to provide training, consulting and courses and free classes about many Software Engineering topics.

We also conduct researches of our own and in partnership with other research institutions and in private software organizations.

The researches conducted by SEER and our findings are open and free for anyone who wishes to use them.

We will be posting white papers, technical reports and other research materials for free.


Contact Us

If you are a partner or wish to contact us about future partnerships on software engineering research, please contact us on 



This site is pretty much a placeholder for our new site under construction.

It serves as a way for our partners to find us online while the new one is getting ready.

If you wish to ask about trainings and courses, please check our services.